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Well organized top movers in Kenya efficiently operating from Nairobi to Mombasa and major regions like Nakuru ,Eldoret, Kisumu ,Nanyuki , Kilifi within and outside the country offering relocation services. Our experience staff are well trained and ethical in carrying out all types of relocation services that you have subscribed to. Welcome to Nairobi Packers movers the ideal partner you have been looking for. We as Nairobi Packers movers have continued to server our esteemed clients without any partiality even during this challenging times of the covid 19. without wasting time if you want to move office or your Home hassle free call us now.

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Terms And Conditions

  1.  As Nairobi packers we don't transport illegal/prohibited goods such as firearms, drugs
  2. If you schedule your move then it happens you change your mind you need to notify us 48hrs before the move.
  3. If you book a move with us and you decide not to move and it happens we have come to your place you have to pay some amount to cater for the fuel and pay the team
  4. We will only start the packing at your place if there is someone who is responsible for the move
  5. If applicable notify the premise management, caretaker or security personnel that will be moving to avoid any unnecessary delays due to lack of communication otherwise waiting charges will apply
  6. Currency, cheque books, bonds, jewelery, watches, ipads, mobile phones will not be packed by our team
  7. Be present to receive and guide the team on the move day and the agreed time or appoint a suitable representative
  8. Ensure that the destination premise is ready e.g. No, we Paint, The Premise has been
    cleaned and there are no other ongoing jobs at the premise
  9. During the move you should pack these items before the movers start the packing cash, medicine, cheques, car keys to name but a few.
  10. We unpack what we have packed.
  11. Please insure your move we are not insured.

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Isaak A. S

The best team to work with


I advice all people in kenya to relocate with this team

Jacob M

With Nairobi Packers everything is very okay. I like them the most.